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December 23rd, 2011

pyrasaur: (WHAT)
Friday, December 23rd, 2011 09:47 pm
I hadn't thought Livejournal management could surprise me anymore. But making the layout ugly, removing basic functions like subject fields, AND increasing load times enough to make the site unusable for many people? Wow. It's like a wrecked train had a cybernetic digestive tract installed for the sole purpose of throwing up on itself. So, yeah, I'm always happy to see people moving to Dreamwidth (or any service that respects its users and doesn't go out of its way to ruin things).

Me? I've been quiet on the fandom front, but I'm still alive. And I've been a pretty gigantic brony lately. I'm taking the week off from my fantasy writing and refreshing myself with some nice relaxing paper mache -- I'm working on the base for a Nightmare Moon sculpture in a dramatic rearing pose. Paint her up, add feather wings, maybe see if somepony would like to buy her because why the heck not.

How're you guys? Anything going on?

... And I just realized that I haven't finished posting the revised To Each A Tempo chapters on this journal. That's some pretty major failure, huh? Sorry to anyone who's actually trying to read it on Dreamwidth, I'll try to get to that sometime.