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Wednesday, June 9th, 2010 11:46 pm
Ehhhh, no sense holding my breath waiting for the pro cosplay photos. Have some Anime North roundup!

The name of the game this year was Pokemon. It seemed like every second cosplayer was a personified Pokemon, and me and Dash jumped every Pokewalker-carrying trainer we saw. We also battled a few people, and generally lost because we don't make teams based on what has the best stats. But Mintyfresh actually fared pretty great and got a few Spore attacks off, and my tank Lanturn versus some other guy's tank Lanturn was nearly as epic as Metapod versus Metapod!

There were also tons of Team Fortress 2 characters this year. Dash enjoyed yelling "SPY CHECK!" whenever he saw one. And a couple of times, he found a Spy and this conversation would take place:
Dash: "That's a great Engineer costume."
Cosplayer: "No, I'm a Spy."
Dash: "*points* SPYYYYYYYY!!!"
I know just enough about TF2 to find this stuff hilarious!

Mother 3 group? Heck yeah, we walked around with our Mother 3 group! But we got seperated as often as in the actual game, and we kinda sucked and failed at getting pictures of ourselves. Ah, it was worth meeting those few Mother fans who foamed at the mouth with joy!

But you're really here for the pictures, amiright?

The day before we left, I was busy prepping three and a half costumes and making Noah try his things on. Gosh damnit, Dash, how did you even take this questionable-looking picture, geez.

This Laharl in the hotel lobby wins the First Cosplayer Of Con award.

I was like, "Ooh, Legendary Birds!" and they were like, "OMG Mother 3!"

I love it when a bunch of Left 4 Dead cosplayers hang around together and do these scenes.

Woobie Lucas ([ profile] sakugarne) can has BFF?

Master Roshi will bring out Lucas's potential, without any hot spring drownings or anything! Just weightlifting! And chores! And a peek at Kumatora's panties, followed by several weeks in the hospital.

Wh-What's this thing for? Duster!Dash isn't sure he wants to know.

(For those of you who don't roleplay in [ profile] paradisa, my Duster was temporarily transformed into a puppy, and Sakaki from Azumanga Daioh unwittingly cuddled that puppy into her boobs. Trauma and cuteness ensued. I consider it one of the highlights of my RP career habit ... thing I sometimes do.)

Nothing beats a great Hexadecimal cosplayer. <3

Also a Matrix!

Warning: challenger approaching!

It's Ness in robot form! There was some Mother squeeing when we met this cool person here.

C'mon Salsa, let's kick some electric rat ass!


Tango and her friends. Well, it sure beats travelling by coffee table!

[Cheap-looking Doorknob added to the Court Record.]

Duster performing one of many Spy checks. He can tell these things. With, um. His thief intuition.

And then we had breakfast in the hotel restaurant one morning, wow, that place sucked. The food was fine but the service was inexplicably slow.

So slow that Boney tried to eat Salsa!

BAD dog! No eating party members!

But we got our food eventually. Yays! ... Is what I'd say if I were a total dork.

"Duster regained like a billion HP", the text box helpfully adds.

Misty stepped on a mole cricket. She doesn't hope it's alright ... (Yes, I actually made the Mole Cricket out of craft foam and carried it around all con.)

Geno! I was a very happy SMRPG fangirl that day.

Bunnies can't go to anime conventions.

Duster? You have three turns to start running.

I brofisted this Lil' Mac. He seemed to think that fistbumping people while wearing boxing gloves was the awesomest sauce, because he found me in a crowd later to randomly brofist me again!

One of few group photos we took. We just took a quick nap to fully revitalize ourselves. I wasn't actually face-down in Dashie's lap, it just looks that way! :D

And then we ate buffet and went to IKEA on the way home and it was a fun con, The End.

Yeah, I'm getting sick of HTML, so here's Dash's Photobucket. There are lots more cosplayer pics and some more assorted convention goofery!