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Tuesday, April 5th, 2011 07:26 pm
I finished Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective yesterday and OMG. OMG. The Ace Attorney team has outdone themselves. Unfortunately for me, Ghost Trick is a recently released niche title with a mystery plot that's pretty much ruined if you get spoiled. And it's so tightly plotted (the entire game takes place in a 10-hour span) that it's hard to figure out how to work fanfic in. Heavy limits on discussion and a challenging scenario to add fanfic to? To put it in Pokemon terms, Ghost Trick takes 1/4 damage from my normal method of approaching a completed game, sob. But the game's story is so frigging amazing and the ending made me cry. So, yeah, I'll be, erm. Creeping around looking up adorable Japanese fanart, I guess. And fidgeting. Have any of you guys have played the game ...? Lurkers are welcome to chime in here!

In other news, I've apparently had a stealth version of strep throat these past few weeks, so I don't feel quite so bad for not being very productive of late. And I'm going to make vegetarian curry tonight. Yep. That's what's up with me.


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