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Saturday, April 23rd, 2011 07:30 pm
Title: Sticky
Fandom: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Completion date: February 25th, 2011
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 613
Pairing: Mia/Phoenix
Prompt: A female character as a "slime girl": a sort of demihuman shapeshifter that is at times amorphous or translucent like a traditional slime. Wacky adjusting-to-oddness relationship hijinks would be cute; het, yuri, or otherwise.

     He found himself looking at his boss sometimes. Like Mia had caught his eye -- caught the light somehow -- and Phoenix always yanked his eyes back to his paperwork and hoped she wouldn't notice the hot flare in his cheeks. He shouldn't be looking at the woman who signed his paychecks like that, no matter how pretty she was, no matter what he thought he saw.
     It could just be the afternoon sun reflecting off her exposed cleavage, Phoenix's mind suggested. Mia's office window is at the right angle for that.
That only made him blush more.

     It made sense one day, when they were working late together on a case that just wouldn't seem to end. The setting sun poured in, onto Mia as she sat at her desk, head propped on her fist and a determined frown aimed at the case notes. The sun caught her, gold on the clear rounds of cleavage peeking over her top.
     And by the time Phoenix realized he was staring, he could only rip his eyes away and tell himself he was seeing things. Mia was fair-skinned, yes, but not that ... well ... transparent. He needed a nap. Or a vacation. Maybe some coffee, too.
     She looks soft, his mind said.
     That did not help.

     Phoenix sat back at his desk, and gripped a pen too tight, and he had just hauled his mind back to the forensics results when he was nervous, suddenly, listening to Mia's footsteps come closer. She stopped beside his chair, like always, close enough to eye his work. She laid a hand kind on his shoulder.
     "Nick? Is something wrong?"
     "No! I mean, no. I just, uh--"
     "You noticed ... Didn't you?"
     It's pretty difficult not to notice those. Phoenix wondered if she could feel his embarrassment, if his blush extended down his neck and glowed through his suit.
     "N-noticed what, Chief?"
     Mia paused -- smiling in this moment, probably. Her Phoenix, you'll be great someday smile. "It's because I'm half slime."
     Oh, that makes sense, Phoenix's mind babbled, People come from mixed national backgrounds all the time-- Wait, what.
     "I hold a solid human shape, but I still slip up sometimes if I'm not paying attention. Was I clear just now?"
     Her hand still rested on his shoulder. She filled Phoenix's memory, all the times she had so much presence she seemed to glisten, behind that moment ago where she had looked gelatinous inside her clothes. She really had looked soft.
     "I-I-- Err. You--" And now he was gibbering like an idiot. He gulped. "Clear. Y-yeah, you were."
     "It has been a long day ... Finish up what you're doing here and we'll start fresh tomorrow. We could both use a break." She bent to take the completed forms from under his elbow. "Oh, and Nick?"
     It was challenging to answer her, considering that his tongue was knotted up and his pulse was racing a mile a minute -- Mia was brushing against him, a press of flesh that he supposed was her breast except that soft didn't begin to describe the liquid weight spreading against his shoulder.
     "I don't mind if you look."
     Very, VERY soft, his mind suggested.
     "Oh," he blurted. "Mia, I-- Thanks for understanding."
She laughed, a small and happy sound, before putting down twice as many forms as she had taken and clicking away.

     That could have gone worse, Phoenix figured. That whole thing where he found out his boss was only half human and she didn't seem to have plans to sue him for harassment. He discovered a pen still in his hand and tried to make sense of the ink markings on the page in front of him.
     Let's ask Mia out, his mind decided. She's nice. Also soft.
     Oh, this was going to get complicated.

Title: The Leading Way
Fandom: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Completion date: March 13th, 2011
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: 613
Pairing: Mia/Phoenix
Prompt: I want to see either Gant/Lana or Mia/Phoenix. Preferably one dominating the other. ;D

     He had been too over-the-moon, at the time, to notice the way Mia had held his tie while she kissed him. Held it just enough to know her hand was there, pulling gently taut. Phoenix didn't think anything of it until later, after marking a date on his calendar, after noticing the hand-crumpled spot in the middle of his tie and tugging it smooth.

     He hadn't noticed that Mia made all the plans between them -- because she asked sweet questions each time, and didn't mind his spluttering when he answered. She smiled knowing, the way that made Phoenix think she was really, radiantly happy and that he had done alright. The way that made him remember the first moment, on that witness stand, that he felt safe. Watched over and guarded.
     Make sure to wear a tie, Nick, she told him before their dates.
     He didn't think the restaurants she picked were that fancy. But he said sure, Mia. Whatever she wanted.

     She held his tie after meals, after movie credits, after unwinding her hands from his hair and smiling at him so his heart raced harder. Just held his tie, tautly gentle, toying the end between her fingers and smiling like a cat. Phoenix got a feeling, the ghostly sensation of a leash. He didn't mind. That was another ghost feeling in his head and running through his organs. But, he thought as Mia curled closer and purred, he honestly didn't mind.

     He hadn't really meant to start anything. The word just slipped out one day -- Chief, he said in all innocence while his boss and girlfriend and saviour pulled his shirt off halfway so his arms were bound back.
     Mia stared. Stared calm and smiled in a way that lit his body up rosy, and leaned in with wide-black pupils and pushed him onto his butt, and took his tie in a locked grip.
     What did you say, Nick, she asked sweetly?
     He could feel his pulse racing under the tie, where it circled his throat. His adam's apple slid under and back as he swallowed. Chief, he asked?
     She liked the way he said that, she said. She wriggled out of her last remaining sleeve -- her soft body shook as she did, a lock of hair falling silky over her shoulder -- and she knelt closer over him, intent. The tie wrapped around her fist, a motion      Phoenix could feel and imagine. Too tight, she lilted?
     N-n-no, Chief. He licked his lip and drew a breath, and added that it was fine like that.
     He hadn't thought it was possible to feel so completely safe with a veritable noose around his neck. He hadn't thought Mia would lead him this far on the leash -- hoped, maybe, while unaware, but he had never actually thought it until now. She wrapped an arm heavy and warm around his neck, and shifted against his cock, her body yielding through maddeningly thin panties.
     Alright, the Chief breathed, arching him back over his arms and his bunched shirtcloth. But so he knew, she'd stop if he wanted her to.
     The tie stretched taut, crumpled sure in her hand. Phoenix could breathe just enough and in that fire-guarded moment, he wouldn't have spoken for anything.

     He was too moonstruck and star-dazzled to concentrate on anything, the next day. Phoenix marked another date on his calendar and wondered if he could maybe hold Mia next time -- pull her close while she yanked on the leash -- and how she would smile when he asked for permission.

     At the mall, he bought a new tie. His old one was holding crinkles, shiny-ridged lines of evidence, and Phoenix doubted its ultimate chances of survival. He knew he didn't mind.


These separately commentboxed pieces have the exact same word length. I checked about a million times since I kept thinking I had copy and pasted the wrong thing.