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Saturday, July 16th, 2011 04:15 am
Fantasy enthusiasts not flipping out over the new A Song Of Ice And Fire book: I feel like the only one.

My first encounter with the series was when I attended a reading. GRRM himself read a chapter and I was sitting there thinking, "... why does everyone claim this series is amazing?" It was some scene where the characters walk grimly around in the snow and everything is bleak and miserable. And then I think someone mind-melded with a wolf or something for a battle/killing stuff scene. Okay, wolves are cool. But it overall seemed to me like the writing was trying to be really gripping and actually just being passable writing.

More recently, I tried to read the first book. Found the writing still average, the characters jerks, and the worldbuilding very standard medieval Europea. And the impression I get from reviews, summaries and excerpts is that the plot is a parade of depressing worst-case-scenario events where the likeable characters all die. I don't consider that "realistic" or "deep". That's more like a tweenager writing an epic-length character torture fanfic because s/he thinks it's edgy and mature. News flash: life has some good stuff in it, too! One reviewer added that it's not all grimdark! There's one (out of eight) main characters who is witty! Oh, good. 12.5% of the story isn't completely depressing! That sounds like a great reason to spent my time reading doorstopper books.

The cherry on this sundae of bleh? That April Fool's blog post where GRRM said, in summary, "I know you guys have been waiting patiently for years, so I've brought a co-writer on board to help me pick up the pace with the next book." But it was an April Fool's post, so he was implying, "Actually, you chumps get to continue waiting for an indeterminate amount of time!" That's a serious dick move to pull on the fans who buy your books and love your world. If an author I liked acted like that, they'd never see another cent from me. Heck, if I ever act like that to my readers, I hope they drop me like it's hot.

Hokay, I just needed to get that out. Every friendlist and feed I follow seems to be acting like these books are the most perfect thing ever. Blegh. Now back to your regularly scheduled tolerating people's choices!

I think I have a bronchial infection. Feels bad, man.

But hey, in more amusing news, here's a cat who wants to eat a fly but he's way too lazy.