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Saturday, August 27th, 2011 08:36 am
Finally got around to finishing the main plot of Pokemon Black.

-First things first! My team is:

Serperior (male, named Chancellor 'cause he's a regal-looking bastard)
Crustle (female, named Spiral because ... I have no idea why I named her that. So in every way, she's pretty much the reboot version of Mintyfresh the Parasect.)
Carracosta (male, named Raphael after my favourite childhood Ninja Turtle)
Eelectrik (male, named Scintle as in "scintillate", meaning to sparkle or emit flashes of light)
Chandelure (female, named Lilienne because a delicate girl name seemed right)
Mienshao (female, named Tia as a portmanteau of Tifa Lockhart and Mia Fey)

I struggled with team balance this generation. Why are there so few decent water-types in this game? Serperior, why u no learn anything but grass and normal moves? And making me wait until post-E4 for the Ice Beam TM, that is just cold mean.

-Loved the plot. It was a bit hammy sometimes, yes, and sometimes the dialogue was trying so hard to be poetic that it sounded more like Babelfished nonsense. But it's nice to see a Pokemon game attempt subtlety and moral grey, and show so many instances of characters respecting an opposing viewpoint. I did think a lot of the points brought up were thought-provoking.

-Also nice to see Gym Leaders being actual characters instead of just badge vending machines.

-Having a female professor, only to pass off many of her professorly duties to her father? Way to take the wind out of that exciting first.

-Go away, Cheren. You're kind of a dick. Although I guess that's part of the shades-of-grey thing, your friend not being all perfect sunshiney hero. I'm okay with Bianca because I like her subplot of not being the best battler in the world and you know what, that's okay. She's still allowed to journey around and discover herself.

-N, oh my god, I like you so much better than my supposed friends in this game. Seem like a genuinely good guy under the brainwashing. No, don't Fly away to parts unknown! I thought we had something during that dragon battle of epic moral truth! And on that romantic Ferris wheel ride! COME BACK, I CAN TEACH YOU FRIENDSHIP~

-I was actually hoping to fight more Plasma grunts so I could listen to their theme ...

-Getting the Flash TM from a trenchcoat-wearing man in a dirty back alley. I still enjoy that because it's so wrong. XD (Maybe the Japanese "golden ball" joke was getting old and they needed new material.)


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